2012 CYMPhonic Summer Instrument Drive

Here’s what we need:

•	15 Violins (sizes ⅛ to ¾) with bows.
•	4 Violas (small sizes) with bows.
•	3 Cellos (small sizes) with bows.
   1 small upright Bass (small) with bow.
   1 Flute
•	2 trumpets
•	4 french horns
•	2 trombones

Or make a money donation to purchase a new instrument:

One music stand cost $40 
One student violin cost $100
One student viola cost $150
One student trumpet cost $400 
One student cello cost $500
One student bass cost $1,200

You can also make your money donation online here.  Or send a check to

“Corona Youth Music Project”

And mail it to

Alvaro F. Rodas
Corona Youth Music Project
155 West 68th Street, #1931
New York, NY 10023

Any donation, no matter how small, will help us reach our goal to provide opportunities for around 500 children in Corona!
At the Corona Youth Music Project we believe that every child has the right to play an instrument in an orchestra to help them develop as human beings and excel in their communities.  Please help us put an instrument in the hands of a child in Corona, Queens NY, and to gear the second generation of the Corona Children’s Orchestra.  All donations are tax-deductible. Our wait list to join the program this fall is growing fast, so we need your help today!


Within the next two years, we hope to provide opportunities to at least 500 children in Corona to play in orchestra.  Only with your help and the support of schools, community organizations and families we can reach that goal.


Last summer we launched the first children’s orchestra initiative in Corona.  Currently, the orchestra has 40 children ages 5 to 13, and 18 more have started training in the Pre-Orchestra program.  These children, with the help of their families, built three-dimensional cardboard violins to learn posture, care for the instrument and to work as a team with their friends in the orchestra.  During the summer over 30 more children have applied to join the orchestra and pre-orchestra programs, and the wait list keeps growing


You can either drop an instrument in good condition or accessories at:


155 West 68th Street, #1931, New York, NY (c/o Alvaro Rodas) (map)


Immigrant Movement International, 108-59 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona NY (map).

You can also let us know where and when to pick it up. Contact us at alvarofrodas@nucleocorona.org, or at (646) 330-7562


Now!  Why wait? We hope to accept new students in the orchestra program this coming fall, so we need you to help them today!

The Corona Youth Music Project will follow-up with a thank you letter. Please note that if you would like to receive tax credit for donations, a letter must be provided with their determined value (download the form letter here).  Appraisal of the instrument/equipment value by a third party is encouraged.

The Corona Youth Music Project provides tuition-free music training to children in Corona, Queens, NY.