Summer Chorus Camp (Aug. 2010)

The first CYMP program, gathered 110 students to learn 14 songs in 13 languages in 10 days. 

Activities included a guided tour to the Louis Armstrong House Museum, in Corona. The Corona Children’s Choir debuted outside of the Queens Museum of Art on August 20th, 2010.

Limón4Kids Workshop (Nov. 2010)

A one-day workshop of dance, by the José Limón Dance Company.

In the spirit of a holistic music education, the Limón4Kids workshop introduced children to movement and body expression by learning the basics of the Limón technique as well as his personal story.

Music Teachers’ Workshop (Mar. 2011)

Lorrie Heagy, 2010 Abreu Fellow and 2011 Alaska Teacher of the Year offered a teachers’ workshop focused on the age-/level-diverse music classroom, and included a demonstration with the after-school program students.

PreOrchestra After-School Program Start (Nov. 2010)

Students ages 4-12 had access to at least 4 weekly hours of music instruction, learning basic musicianship through singing, a bucket band and a recorder orchestra.  They also had the opportunity to attend 2 concerts of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, along with their families.

Spring Break Chorus Camp (Apr. 2011)

The second chorus camp, at P.S. 19Q, featured bucket ensembles playing solo pieces, but also accompanying choral songs. 

Children learned 9 songs in 6 languages, and created choreography for most of these songs in only 4 days.

Summer Chorus Camp (Aug. 2011)

For the third chorus camp, each child was heard individually ahead of time before placement in one of three sections of the choir. 

This allowed the preparation of three-voice songs, including new songs in Japanese.  Due to weather, the final concert for this camp had to be postponed.  The choir performed at El Museo del Barrio later in the summer.

String Orchestra Summer Camp (Jul. 2011)

After finishing the Paper Orchestra Program, its students were joined by older Elementary school students from the after-school program to form the Corona Children’s Orchestra in a 2-week summer camp. 

During this camp, a peer mentoring initiative was started, in which older and more advanced students were given the task to support younger and beginning students. Over 50 orchestral instruments were collected through our “CYMPhonic Instrument Drive”.

Paper Orchestra Program (May-Jun. 2011)

For 8 weeks, children ages 4-6 learned songs to teach them the parts and proper care of the violin, as well as basic positions and postures for playing.  

The paper instruments were built at the Queens Museum of Art, with the help of their teaching artists.  Lessons and rehearsals took place at Immigration Movement International, a project of the Queens Museum of Art and Creative Time.  The program included art projects to support the learning of the instrument as well as allowing children to express in different ways.

Núcleo Corona debut in Manhattan (May 2011)

In one week, the Corona Bucket band performed in two venues in Manhattan:  El Museo del Barrio, and The Americas Society

Students enjoyed a “musical tour” through the El Museo del Barrio’s galleries before their performance. At the Americas Society they shared the stage with world class musicians, including Anthony McGill, Principal Clarinet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Corona Children’s Orchestra Debut Concerts (Jul. 2011)

After three weeks of work the Orchestra played three performances:

  1. A concert for family and friends at the Louis Armstrong Recreation Center,

  2. A performance at the ELMCOR summer street festival, and

  3. A short performance at the renaming ceremony of 104th Street–Mama’s Way, invited by New York City Council member Julissa Ferreras.

Bucket Band Camp (Feb 2011)

For one week, 30 students learned bucket band and choral repertoire, in order to prepare a concert celebrating African History Month at ELMCOR. 

The camp included demonstration of orchestral instruments from talented youth teaching artists.

Corona Youth Music Project starts a partnership with the Langston Hughes Community Library and Community Center (Oct. 2012)

Through this partnership, the Corona Children’s Orchestra has access to new rehearsal and performance spaces.

Winter One-Day Workshops (Jan. 2012)

2 full-day workshops, one dedicated to the beginning strings, and one for the full orchestra.

The full orchestra day seminario was organized thanks to a visit from students from the University of Delaware Phi Mu Alpha Chapter

Two CYMP teaching artists named L.A. Phil’s YOLA Ambassadors (Jan. 2012)

Violin teaching artist Jennifer Johnson and Horn/Brass teaching artist Jessica Santiago were selected to represent CYMP at the El Sistema “Take a Stand” Symposium, hosted by the L. A. Philharmonic.

CYMP Students at Carnegie Hall’s Hacemos Música Seminario (Dec. 2012)

Produced by Carnegie Hall and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, this seminario gathered 150 students from El Sistema programs in the NYC metro area, led by musicians of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela.

“New World” Seminario (Jan. 2013)

For the second consecutive year,16 students from the University of Delaware’s Phi Mu Alpha fraternity visited us to work on a full-day seminario to put together Dvorak’s 4th movement of New World Symphony (Arr. Richard Meyer).

Mid-Winter and Spring Break Seminarios (Feb. and Mar. 2012)

2 5-day intensive seminarios helped our students advance beyond their own expectations! 

Over 30 students learned new repertoire with the help of 5 volunteer teaching artists, but also with the effort and dedication of their on peers in the orchestra.

Copland Chamber Orchestra performs for Make Music New York in Manhattan (Jun. 2012)

Invited by The America’s Society, our top chamber ensemble presented an outdoors performance in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

CYMP Celebrates its Second Anniversary (Aug. 2012)

We celebrated with a concert and party for our children and families at the Langston Hughes Library, in Corona.

The concert featured the Pre-Orchestra programs at the Langston Hughes LIbrary and at Immigrant Movement International, the Team Mozart violin ensemble, the Copland Chamber Orchestra and the Corona Children’s Orchestra/

CYMP at El Museo del Barrio’s We <3 Música (Sept. 2012)

Along with the Union City Music Project and UpBeatNYC, the  CYMP collaborated with El Museo’s We <3 Música Súper Sábado to help children create music instruments with recycling materials.

CYMP hosts demonstrations/lesson modeling for teaching artists’ development program (Sept. 2012)

A two-day workshop presented by the Longy School of Music of Bard College and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s gathered teaching artists from different El Sistema programs in the east coast, lead by Alaska’s Lorrie Heagy.  Afternoons’ work was a demonstration/modeling of lessons at the Corona Children’s Orchestra.

El Sistema NJ/NY Showcase at El Museo del Barrio (Dec. 2012)

Four El Sistema programs in the NYC metro area got together to showcase their work for El Museo’s Holiday Super Sábado

This collaboration between El Sistema programs in the area (Union City Music Project, NJ, UpBeatNYC, Bronx, NY, and Washington Heights-Inwood Music Project, Manhattan, NY) was the first step towards more collaborative events and programs among our programs, for the benefit of all our students and communities.